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Skolelinux Sarge-aplpha & Some samba questions

Hi all,

at the moment we are setting up another Skolelinux system in my school. 
This takes place in a seperate building, 10 km away from where I teach.

We decided for a sarge system and did intense testings for that. Now two 
more general questions come into my mind, regarding mostly the syncing 
of samba accounts and rights with those of the linux system:

1. I assign every student to a group corresponding to the year he is in:     
   Y2005 will be the group of those who'll start this summer.

   Especially for Windows clients/Samba, each year has its own exchange
   folder in ...home0/Transfer/Ynnnn. This is shared by Samba.

   What I want to implement is, that all members of Y2005 (and only
   them) have eternal write access to all files in that folder - both
   via samba and via NFS (from Linux clients). I read something about
   umask and sticky bits - but what I lack is a bullet proof step by 
   step howto. 

   Could those of you, who are more experienced with this, please
   through in one or another must?

2. Is it true, that wlus does not create samba accounts in the sarge
   version when adding new users?

Thank you

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