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sarge-pr01: pam-ldap problems

Hi there,

today, we tested the workstation profile of debian-edu-sarge-pr01. As 
counterpart, we used two different main server/tjenerer (venus 1.0r1 
and debian-edu-sarge-pr00).

As there is (still) no version entry for sarge-pr01 in bugzilla, I'll 
state our problems right here.

Everything went well with installation - but KDM only allows local 
login. We flicked through several conf files - and noticed that these 
where not configured to work with HOST ldap / dn=skole etc:

/etc/libnss-ldap.conf (?).

Copying those from our venus server (which is Sarge indeed) didn't fix 
the problem, TLS can't established an encrypted connection to ldap it 

Any hints for fixing would be welcome - on the other hand, I will add 
some information on our testings later, although we seemed having 
reached a dead end. For time reasons (the workstation has to get 
productive soon) I might switch to good ole bzzware...


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