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3.2.3-3 in sarge? [MailServer Notification]To Sender file blocking settings matched and action was taken. Allowing other users to control printers in KDE apt-* (dist-)upgrade 3.1.4 to 3.2.2 Woody Debs Very Alarming broken line graphics in konsole Cannot uninstall kicker Ciao Clock Applet Clock Applet Again Could not start process Can't talk to klauncher Default bookmarks in Konqueror Dell drivers display problem Re: display problem (correction) packages Duplicate Debian menu entries Every KDE App Crashes FSViewPart GUI Help Re: Hi [Incident: 040701-001256] hicolor icons how do I choose the font Qt apps use? How To Downgrade XFree86 From 4.2.1 to 4.1.0 ? How to scale SVG images Icon directory ... not valid... install: kdelibs3 - error in unpacking job k3b bug #258911 K3b does not recognize my drives kaudiocreator and wav file location KDE & Blender KDE 3.3 packages? KDE 3.3b1 KDE and SSL KDE Crashing - Sarge KDE Debian Integration @ aKademy KDE Styles broken in sarge kded crashing - openssl errors KDM Confguration problem khelpcenter and ht://dig: The folder doesn't exist. Unable to create index. Klipper hangs konqueror can not handle: Type: XHTML Family Document Konqueror crashes very often Konqueror vulnerability konsole title bar kooka and 3pass scanners Kopete fixes forthcoming? Re: KPhone audio Re: KWeather -- Solution Found KWeather -- Station Help Needed libgpgme and libkdenetwork libqt-mt.a libxcursor1 on Menue size problem Re: NIC connection to network dropped when changing user OT: Commercial IM networks considered harmful Package maintainer wanted - Kexi packages fetching tools POP filters in KMail Re: problem initializing system services with kde 3.1 problem starting kmail after upgrade with unstable Problem with KDE-Menus on Debian Woody with KDE 3.2.2 qt-4-preview - no thread support? qt-designer linking problem with kde parts Re: revising the first cd contents... Re: screensavers can't be configured anymore in kde 3.2.2 Scroll wheel page scrolling modifier key strange konqueror toolbar behaviour test title of icons: font scewed up Tutorial for kphone? unsubscribe unsuscribe update themes in control center URLs Being Mutilated view seetings in konqueror for directories When is the K-Menu going to lose the Debian submenu? XMMS: Can't set konqueror file associations XWP and kprint The last update was on 06:28 GMT Mon May 27. There are 243 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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