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Re: Klipper hangs

On Sun, 11 Jul 2004, Silvan wrote:

> On Sunday 11 July 2004 03:28 am, Tomas Pospisek's Mailing Lists wrote:
> > But KDE (or X?) in general, since 3.2 or something seems to handle the
> > mouse in a more painful way then before. Some apps, like acroread,
> > openoffice and others have the habbit of grabbing the mouse and the focus
> > until they're started. This is a quite "new" and very annoying "feature"
> I believe you are seeing the behavior you just reported, but I definitely am
> not.
> I have a wheel mouse on /dev/psaux, i845 video, a generic monitor, a standard
> PS/2 keyboard.  Sid, up to date as of a couple days ago, with whatever the
> latest available KDE and X are.  Kernel 2.4.26.  I can't think of any other
> factors right off that might have an influence.
> Anyway, I'll be surprised if your own setup is similarly vanilla.  I'm halfway
> expecting you have a USB mouse or third-party, closed-source video drivers or
> something along those lines.  Do you?

I had a psaux mouse mouse until something on the motherboard died, now
it's running as USB mouse (it's one of those mice that can run with a
USB2psaux plug. But no matter if it's psaux or usb, the focus-grabbing
behaveour was there with both.

I'm running a standard psaux keyboard.

I'm running mostly testing. X and KDE are both mostly the same in
testing and unstable mind you.

Kernel 2.4.22.

I'm have been using the closed source nvidia driver for ever [1]. I am
sporadically updating that one.

But mind you - the focus and mouse grabbing isn't happening for most of
the apps, only with a few *specific* ones. OOo and Acroread are the ones I
know of.

Is a dignosis possible doc?

[1] Having a computer with an nvidia card sucks because the one driver
    from X was sucking badly (sloooooooooow) last time I looked and using
    the closed source is a real waste of time wrt to upgrading the
    kernel... sigh. Don't buy hardware that doesn't have quality *open
    source* drivers... :-(

  Tomas Pospisek
  http://sourcepole.com -  Linux & Open Source Solutions

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