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Re: Klipper hangs

On Sunday 11 July 2004 02:19 pm, Tomas Pospisek's Mailing Lists wrote:

> I had a psaux mouse mouse until something on the motherboard died, now
> it's running as USB mouse (it's one of those mice that can run with a
> USB2psaux plug. But no matter if it's psaux or usb, the focus-grabbing
> behaveour was there with both.


> I'm running mostly testing. X and KDE are both mostly the same in
> testing and unstable mind you.

Yes, and I was running testing until fairly recently myself, so it's not 
likely any difference there.

> But mind you - the focus and mouse grabbing isn't happening for most of
> the apps, only with a few *specific* ones. OOo and Acroread are the ones I
> know of.
> Is a dignosis possible doc?

Not by me, I'm afraid.  I'm miles (or kilometers) away from being an expert on 
any of this stuff, and I can't get the problem to manifest here.  About all I 
can do is make wild guesses.  :)

I think if it were me, knowing somebody else didn't have the problem, I'd 
start by trying the open source NVIDIA driver, just to see if that made a 

Hrm.  Come to think of it, I have a RIVA 128 in one of my X terminals.  I 
could try whatever Debian's latest available closed-source NVIDIA driver is 
on there and see if I can make this happen.  A bit later.  We're having a 
hellacious thunder storm at the moment, and that box is offline.

> [1] Having a computer with an nvidia card sucks because the one driver
>     from X was sucking badly (sloooooooooow) last time I looked and using
>     the closed source is a real waste of time wrt to upgrading the
>     kernel... sigh. Don't buy hardware that doesn't have quality *open
>     source* drivers... :-(

You can say that again, but it's easier than it used to be.  If you use Debian 
kernels anyway.  The last time I fooled with it, I just grabbed 
nvidia-module-some-flummy from Debian.  I'm not actually using it at the 
moment though.

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