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Re: revising the first cd contents...

folks this way of voting itsn't effective, you're not the only one who would use Debian and the thing you write mentioning your favourite application don't make sense e.g. because me or someone else simply not use them. I guess data from the popularity-contest should be used for such purposes or some kind of poll should be held somwhere to determine what application would be best to appear on the CD. am I wrong? :-\

Dominique Devriese wrote:

Chris Cheney writes:

On Wed, Jun 30, 2004 at 02:00:52AM +0200, Achim Bohnet wrote:
On Saturday 26 June 2004 15:41, Joey Hess wrote:
Chris Cheney wrote:
"kde-core" is enough to get KDE running, it includes
arts/kdelibs/kdebase, but it doesn't include any of the other
official KDE packages. It does include basic apps like kate,
konqueror and konsole. The "kde" package installs the full
official KDE release, but doesn't include 3rd party apps they
are included in the "kde-extras" package instead.
Would the KDE people be satisfied if the first debian CD
installed a KDE that was only kde-core for the desktop task? Installs from more than
Hey, KDE people wake up! ;) ;) kde-core contains all of the great
base other KDE apps can and do use.  But from the applicataion/user
point of view there is the konqueror, kwrite(kate) and konsole
That's all!

kde-core has: no mailer (kmail), no cd player (kscd), no mixer
(kmix), no addressbook (kaddressbook), no pdfviewer (kghostview).

All I ever use is konqueror, konsole, and kedit. :)

I often use konqueror, kghostview and kopete.  The latter cannot be
left out imho.


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