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Re: KDE and SSL

Le jeudi 8 Juillet 2004 10:32, vous avez écrit :
> Am Donnerstag, 8. Juli 2004 09:54 schrieb jojo2002:
> > Don't know if my question is a stupid one but my searches on google
> > didn't help me.
> >
> > I try to install a CA certificate system-wide aka I don't want to let my
> > user install it personnaly and to repeat the operation for each app. I
> > think I understood that the Debian and Openssl way for application is to
> > put the CA certificate in the directory /etc/ssl/certs (with some
> > symlinks). But I also think I understood that KDE does not use this way
> > but store its AC certificate in /etc/kde3/ksslcalist.
> >
> > My question is : am I right or wrong ? Are there any plans to make KDE
> > use /etc/ssl/certs ?
> The way you have to organize the files, there, depends on which library you
> use: gnutls (certificate chain in one file) or openssl (hash values as
> symlinks).

Ok, I miss this point. thanks.

> Not even the server packages (e.g. apache or courier or exim4) use this
> directory by default (it's not even possible to share the files there
> because of access rights for e.g. your own keys).

I understand this point for servers' private key but for the public 
certificate of a CA, there's no access right problem. Feeding the CA 
certificate for each app is really annoying and I tought there were plans to 
centralize this kind of thing (system wide, I mean)...

> > PS : Don't forget to remove pas_de_spam for direct answer
> Do you really think that this helps?

For spam ? No, this email address is already a junk mailbox :-)

> HS

Thanks a lot for your information.

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