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Re: XMMS: Can't set konqueror file associations

On Thursday 15 July 2004 22:25, Paul Johnson wrote:
> James Hirschorn <jhirschorn@crm.es> writes:
> > When I try to set konq. to use xmms for mp3 files, it claims to update
> > the system configuration but then immediately forgets.
> So, XMMS doesn't appear anywhere under the Open With context menu?  Are

That's right.

> you sure you associated it?  Are you perhaps mistaking "association"
> with "default action?"  If so, have you doublechecked to see if XMMS is
> the first action listed?

I'm sure I associated it, and it is not listed as an action. When I 
doublecheck, XMMS is not even listed on the "Application Preference Order" 
list. That's what I mean by "forgets".


James Hirschorn                 jhirschorn@crm.es
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