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Re: qt-4-preview - no thread support?


I have seen this weekend qt4-preview. One important feature that I have noted 
is that is divided in several libraries: GL, widgets, etc. I think that the 
main widget is multithread by default but I cannot be sure at all. The good 
new for us is that 'I hope' that it would be easier to use and mantain.



A Dilluns 12 Juliol 2004 19:59, Chris Cheney va escriure:
> On Mon, Jul 12, 2004 at 04:50:45PM +0200, LeVA wrote:
> > Hi!
> >
> > Anybody knows how to compile the new qt-4-preview with thread support?
> > The configure script doesn't contain the -thread option. Is this only
> > because this is not a final release, or will the thread support be
> > dropped out from qt-4?
> I haven't looked at Qt4 yet but I imagine they dropped support for not
> being threaded. Qt3 still supported not being threaded but very few
> things used the non-threaded version.
> Chris

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