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Re: Clock Applet Again

Silvan wrote:

On Sunday 11 July 2004 01:41 pm, Frans Pop wrote:

mode and when I check the check box for LCD, I get a shadowed look but
the background is still the same as the taskbar.

I can confirm the problem. However, I think this is somewhat intentional
and depends on your screen resolution or something.
On my desktop I get some horizontal stripes in the background when LCD is
checked. On my laptop nothing seems to happen.

I've got this running on four different desktops, with different video drivers and whatnot, and none of them have ever displayed anything except shadowed numbers floating on whatever the panel background happens to be. This has been the case since upgrading to KDE 3.2 the first time.

Well, the funny thing is, I'm running the exact same thing at work and it took a couple of reboots to set it right (meaning the striped LCD look).


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