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update themes in control center

Dear List,

I'm having a couple of issues in KDE 3.2.2:

1. Doing apt-get install kde-theme-matte [and other themes] install those 
successfully, but none of the options related to those themes show up in 
control center.

2. Doing apt-get install kdelibs4. to update from kdelibs 4:3.2.2-2 to 
4:3.2.3-2 doesn't work even after several tries, giving lots of "couldn't 
stat source package list..." messages without any other error messages. I've 
tried several different mirrors without any luck.

Any help regarding these problems would be greatly appreciated.

BTW, I thank Patrick Dreker for his kdebugdialog --fullmode suggestion 
regarding the kdecore (KIconLoader) issue.

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