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Re: Every KDE App Crashes

On Thu, 22 Jul 2004 01:52:37 -0700, Sean Kellogg
<skellogg@u.washington.edu> wrote:
> My Debian/Unstable media box running the most current KDE behaves exactly as
> expected except when I terminate a KDE application such as KEdit, Konsole, or
> KControl.  When I terminate it (either alt+F4, quit from the menu, or click
> on the little X) the app closes fine, but then a KDE Crash Handler Dialog
> comes up.  It informs me that there has been a crash of type SIGSEGV for
> whatever app I happen to be running.  The Backtrace is of little help, but I
> could include it if someone knows what to do with it.  I can close the dialog
> box and there seem to be no ill after-effects, I can restart the app without
> a hitch.

I recognized the very same behaviour, but can't give a solution,
because it works fine for me now.

So here's what happened: The problem lasted for about 3 weeks until a
few days ago. Restarting KDE didn't work. I finally came to my mind
that incompatibilities between the 3.2.3 kdelibs and the 3.2.2 apps
could be the cause. That was wrong. I even tried to recompile
everything except kdelibs with apt-build which as well didn't solve
the issue. Some day I had to reboot the machine and *pooofff*
everything worked fine.

I don't think that I could help you but wanted to show, that you're
not alone. ;-)


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