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Re: apt-* (dist-)upgrade 3.1.4 to 3.2.2 Woody Debs Very Alarming

On Tue, 13 Jul 2004 10:49:19 +0530 (IST), rawat@iucaa.ernet.in wrote:

>i upograded from kde 3.1.4 to 3.2.2 last nite using synaptic on
>woody..............it went like a dream with not a single

Hmm ... which XFree86 did you start with ?

Maybe it would pay me to downgrade back to Woody's XFree86 4.1.0-16
first, and then try the KDE upgrade ...

>i would strongly recommend you to use synaptic instead of apt-get as it is
>much better at handling dependencies etc..........

[sigh] so we keep being told here ... despite apt-get being touted as
the Debian wonder tool in many other Debian docs.  If this is really
true then there's a major docs update job to be done ...

I've tried both synaptic and aptitude, and preferred aptitude's


Nick Boyce
Bristol, UK
'If you don't pray in my school, I won't think in your church'

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