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Re: 3.2.3-3 in sarge?

Chrcolleagueey wrote:

> On Wed, Jul 28, 2004 at 06:16:29PM -0400, David P James wrote:
>> On Wed 28 July 2004 12:47, Bernd Schubert wrote:
>> > Hello,
>> >
>> > now that sarge will be frozen soon, will kde in sarge still updated
>> > to 3.2.3-3?
>> Considering that 3.2.3 still isn't fully in unstable (check for
>> Konqueror), I have my doubts. Of course what'll happen is that Sarge
>> will be released right around the time 3.3 comes out and the various
>> reviewers will wonder why it wasn't included.
> KDE 3.2.92 (3.3b2) is currently being uploaded to experimental for
> inclusion in sid in a couple weeks when KDE 3.3 is released. The rest of
> KDE 3.2.3 will be uploaded to sid as soon as the KDE 3.2.92 debs for
> experimental are done. Sarge will most likely be released with KDE 3.3.

Hmm, does it make sense to include the first release of KDE 3.3 in Sarge? 
>From my personal experience one should always wait of updating kde for
production usage until one of the latest minor releases. At home its
certainly not a problem for me, but the first days after updating kde at
work are usually a nightmare, mostly due to kde bugs...
After updating to kde 3.2 two weeks ago my colleague (he doesn't like kde at
all ;) ) told me that updating kde makes more work than Suse update ;)

Don't you expect that kde3.3 might delay the release of Sarge?

I really belief that it would be better to include a bug fixed kde 3.2 than
a buggy kde 3.3.


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