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strange konqueror toolbar behaviour

Hi all,

Please CC replies to spambox@alcopop.org (I am not subbed)

With a fresh konqueror (3.2.2-1); I am having trouble with my toolbars. I wish
to disable all but the location toolbar (I put all the buttons I want into
that one)[1]. 

However, whenever I restart konqueror, the `Main' and `Bookmarks' toolbars

I have tried disabling them by right-clicking on the toolbar bit and unticking
the boxes. I have also tried emptying them of buttons and putting them all on
the same horizontal level (a compromise) but their positions revert too.

I notice that on the `Configure Toolbars...' dialogue; there are /two/ Main
toolbars listed, one for konqueror and one for khtmlpart. Not sure if this is

If anyone knows how I may achieve what I want please let me know - otherwise I
will submit a bug report. (i.e. the bug exists, whether its in me or konqueror
I don't know yet ;) )

[1] I put all the buttons into the location toolbar rather than the main one
    because in a previous version of konqueror the location bar would only
    work in the location toolbar. I have tried sticking everything in the main
    one too subsequently.
Jonathan Dowland

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