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display problem

Hi,  I have an old 100 Mhz Pentium with 48 Meg RAM, a
whole bunch of hard drives, and a VESA graphics card. 
When I run Knoppix, it identifies it as "86c968 Vision
968 VRAM XF86S3 (Vesa)", and the card seems to run

[I don't really understand this card; it appears to
have only 256 Megabytes of RAM, but RAM can be
assigned from elsewhere.  Suffice it to say, that
KNOPPIX can get 1024x768 out of it.]

So in Debconf, I selected VESA/8 bit/600x800, and told
it to assign 512 MB to the card.  

Indeed, when I am running KDM, and the first grey
graphics screen comes up, KDM seems to handle the
graphics okay as well.

But when I get to KDE (or any other window manager,
for that matter), I find that the top 1/5 of the
screen remains grey, and what KDE tries to place
there, finds its way to other parts of the screen.

Whatever I'm doing wrong, it seems to be an X setup
problem rather than a KDE-specific problem, but I
don't see where else to ask  this question.  Maybe
someone here knows?

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