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Re: Every KDE App Crashes

> Does anyone have any suggestions?
> -Sean

I had several problems in the past 12 months that were similar. Try the 
- apt-get update, apt-get dist-upgrade
- reboot
- stop kdm/x11, remove all tmp kde and start kdm/x11 again
- take one crashing app, find out its packet and reinstall it (remove it 
from /var/cache/apt/archives first)
- find the packets it depends on, reinstall them (remove them 
from /var/cache/apt/archives first)
- do not prelink (i had a problem with qtlibs just a few weeks ago, crashing 
all KDE apps)

broken packages happened to me twice. after downloading and installing again 
it was fine. the worst thing is, you have to guess which packet it is. in 
your case, try the qt and kde packets (please find out the real names 


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