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konsole title bar

The typical bash prompt on most linux distros is something like "\u@\h:
\w".   If you're working down in a directory tree the resulting long 
path in the prompt can take up a lot of line space.  I would like to 
have the konsole title bar display my current path and have a short 
generic bash prompt.

I can make the title the same as the bash prompt PS1, but I haven't 
worked out how to make the title bar something different than PS1 yet  
dynamic.  I have seen some very elaborate escape sequences to display 
all kinds of information in an xterm title bar, so I'm sure it can be 
done.  Is anyone doing something along those lines?  I'd appreciate any 
hints or urls.

Bud Rogers	<budr@netride.net>	 KD5SZ

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