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Menue size problem

Dear all,

I have a problem with KDE (using 3.2.2, Debian testing) which may be a
general problem of KDE.
If I e.g. click on a file in Konqueror and select in the context menue
"Copy to" and now make my way through the tree e.g. "/"->"/usr"->"share" I
end up in a folder with more entries than can be displayed on my
screen at once. I haven't found a way (neither by inuition nor by google or my
LUG-Mailinglist) how to access those entries that are NOT listed
anymore. IS there any way of making the menue scroll that I just
haven't found or is this a problem no one has come accross?
This problem also comes up with very large menues in the Start-menue
and a low resolution.
Of course you can minimize the font size etc. but this is no general
solution to this problem.

Thanks for listening,

Stephan Gromer, MD. PhD.

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