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Re: packages fetching tools

Bruce Sass <bsass@edmc.net> writes:
}> On Sun, 25 Jul 2004, Nathaniel W. Turner wrote:
}>>> Since people keep telling us that apt-get is braindead, and that
}>>> aptitude does a better job, I tried that too, with similarly scary
}>>> results.  Since aptitude's output is more compact, I include it here.

Aptitude runs apt-get. Type apt-get --help 

}>> In my experience, aptitude has its own set of problems.  Alas, nothing is
}>> perfect.

}> Don't forget about dselect.  If the APT tools are not giving you enough
}> control then maybe dselect will, especially if you don't use the apt
}> method for fetching packages.

dselect --help 

..Maybe even http://annys.eines.info/cgi-bin/man/man2html?8+dselect

Consider that, in addition to a local disk archive, dselect can and will manage cdroms and {if you configure it like I do} about 3o+ official and unofficial ftp archives. Each of these very large archives gets updated *frequently*. Dselect manages to manage this mess about 90% of the time... {your numbers can be better.} Consider that it takes about one misplaced keystroke to munge this entire mess and that a very large number of keystrokes do get fed into it...


..From "A justification for dselect" {c} 2004 RTaylor - All rights reserved which I wrote a while back.

}If aptitude can't do it right, dselect surely won't do the right

You people surely have something better to do with your time.

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