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Re: apt-* (dist-)upgrade 3.1.4 to 3.2.2 Woody Debs Very Alarming

On Monday 12 July 2004 10:47 pm, Nick Boyce wrote:
> I'd like to try out the upgrade path from KDE 3.1.4 to KDE 3.2.2 using
> the Woody debs that someone (Andreas Mueller ?) has posted at
> download.kde.org.
> My system is running vanilla Woody, apart from XFree86 which I
> upgraded from Woody's 4.1.0 to backports.org's 4.2.1 some while back.
> I'm currently running the Ralf Nolden download.k.o KDE 3.1.4 debs.
> If I use "apt-get -s (dist-)upgrade" to see what the upgrade proposes,
> I get totally scary output for both cases.

What output do you get if you just run "apt-get install kdebase"?

> Since people keep telling us that apt-get is braindead, and that
> aptitude does a better job, I tried that too, with similarly scary
> results.  Since aptitude's output is more compact, I include it here.

In my experience, aptitude has its own set of problems.  Alas, nothing is 


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