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Re: KDE Styles broken in sarge

Alle 00:33, sabato 10 luglio 2004, Ian Eure ha scritto:
> I just updated my sarge desktop today, and I can only select the built-in
> QT styles now. (CDE, MS Windows 9x, Motif, Motif Plus, Platinum & SGI)
> There were some QT updates when I updated this morning, but I didn't pay
> too much attention to what got replaced.
> I've purged my system of old (non- c102) QT packages, and reinstalled
> kdelibs4. When I ldd the KDE styles (in /usr/lib/kde3/plugins/styles), I
> don't see any broken library dependencies.
> Anyone else seeing this? Anyone know how to fix it?

There was the same problem in sid a while ago, due to the latest version of qt 
being binary incompatible for plugins and styles. The quick fix is to 
downgrade qt to the version that was in sarge before the latest update, wait 
until kdelibs (or kdeartwork, if you use plastik) migrates to sarge in a few 
days and then upgrade everything at once.



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