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KDM Confguration problem

Dear ALL,

I have installed latest version (official) of Debian Linux
on my computer just two days before. This is for the first
time i am trying out Debian. I was really very very impressed
by it's capability and simplicity in downloading and installing/upgrading

But the worst part of this story is that i am not able to configure
the X-window server due to which i am not able to make full use of
all the packages(such as Xpdf, Koffice, GNUplot etc.). I have an
Intel i810 Chipset with onboard graphics and sound . This chipset
is probed by configuration program but still ..it is giving error
if you could solve this problem, my life will much more easier and

thanks in advance,

Vinod Mishra
Vinod Mishra
Research Scholar,
Indira Gandhi Institute of Development Research.
Gen.A.K.Vaidya Marg                    Phone:+91-22-2840-0919/20/21
Goregaon(East).                        Ext:263(R) 592(O) 595(CC)
Mumbai 400065.                         Fax:+91-22-2840-2752.
India.                                 Mobile : 022 - 38043493
		Home Page : http://www.igidr.ac.in/~vinod

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