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Re: How To Downgrade XFree86 From 4.2.1 to 4.1.0 ?


On second thought, I'm not so sure downgrading X will solve your problem.  See 
my next message.

On Sunday 25 July 2004 09:56 am, Nick Boyce wrote:
> Does anyone have a nice/best way of doing this X downgrade ?

You *might* be able to do this by running something similar to the following:

COLUMNS=200 dpkg -l | grep '4.2.1-15.backports.org.1' \
  |  awk '{print $2"=4.1.0-16woody1"}' | xargs echo apt-get install

I suggest you first make sure you understand what that does, and then run it 
once with the "echo" in there to see what will be done, and then remove the 
"echo" to actually do it if it makes sense.

Cheers, (and good luck)

Nathaniel W. Turner
Tel: +1 508 579 1948 (mobile)

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