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Re: 3.2.3-3 in sarge?

On Fri, Jul 30, 2004 at 11:29:26AM +1000, Ben Burton wrote:
> Hi.
> > I really belief that it would be better to include a bug fixed kde 3.2 than
> > a buggy kde 3.3.
> FWIW, I'm also in favour of including 3.2.3 rather than 3.3.0.  Each new
> 3.x release seems to (understandably) begin with a number of annoyances
> that are ironed out over the BRANCH releases, and debian is certainly
> known for shipping old and solid over new and flaky.
> b.

Well current konqueror in sid which is actually newer than 3.2.2 since
it has branch fixes, still crashes on my hourly. So far konqueror in KDE
3.2.92 hasn't crashed on me yet. So I guess you just have to weigh out
which is better, something that has known bugs vs bugs we don't about


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