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Re: apt-* (dist-)upgrade 3.1.4 to 3.2.2 Woody Debs Very Alarming

On Tue, 13 Jul 2004 03:47:36 +0100, I wrote:

>I'd like to try out the upgrade path from KDE 3.1.4 to KDE 3.2.2 using
>the Woody debs that someone (Andreas Mueller ?) has posted at
>My system is running vanilla Woody, apart from XFree86 which I
>upgraded from Woody's 4.1.0 to backports.org's 4.2.1 some while back.
>I'm currently running the Ralf Nolden download.k.o KDE 3.1.4 debs.
>As you can see, a plain "upgrade" will only upgrade my XFree86, plus
>some random _parts_ of KDE (the rest would be _removed_).
>On the other hand, a "dist-upgrade" would do much the same *and* would
>_remove_ huge unrelated, and in some cases *vital* parts of my system
>... such as MySQL, Samba, PPP, Freeswan, man-db, fetchmail, htdig,
>ssh, gcc, etc., etc.

Two things :

1)  It turns out I'm not the only one with this problem - two other
people have mailed me off list to say this affects them too, and to
ask if I've found a solution yet.

2)  I'm trying to move this forward by attempting to downgrade my
XFree86 4.2.1 (from www.backports.org) to the V4.1.0 that comes with
vanilla Woody - however, that isn't looking very easy at all - I
haven't actually done it yet, but simulations with various apt
commands are not offering to do what I want at all ... See my post on
this list today :
  Subject "How To Downgrade XFree86 From 4.2.1 to 4.1.0 ?"

Anyway, thanks for everyone's feedback so far.

Nick Boyce
Bristol, UK
Good people do not need laws to tell them to act responsibly, while bad people will find a way around the laws.

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