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how do I choose the font Qt apps use?

This is not a KDE question, but I didn't find a more aproprieate group.

I have a Debian sid system, I don't use any desktop manager (only 
Ion), and only one or two Qt (not KDE) apps occasionally.

How can I change the font the Qt applications use for menus, etc?
Preferably I want to do this by editing some configuration files with 
a text editor, or with debconf, etc. I don't want to install tenths of 
megabytes of k.... apps and libraries, but if it is an option, I will 
install, set the font, and then purge it (if only the settings will 

Specifically I want the Qt apps to use Bitstream Vera Sans truetype 
font for the menus and everything. Now they use some ugly font, which 
I can't name. GTK2 apps use Bistream Vera Sans without problems.
wxWindows also. 

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