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Re: revising the first cd contents...

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On Thursday 01 July 2004 13:58, Denis wrote:
> folks this way of voting itsn't effective, you're not the only one who
> would use Debian and the thing you write mentioning your favourite
> application don't make sense e.g. because me or someone else simply not
> use them. I guess data from the popularity-contest should be used for
> such purposes or some kind of poll should be held somwhere to determine
> what application would be best to appear on the CD. am I wrong? :-\

popularity-contest won't work in this case as it counts packages that are 
_installed_. In this case we want to have packages _used_ most often and 
"generally considered to make up a useful KDE system".

A poll could be nice, but I guess the informed opinion of people active on 
this list should work as well in this case.

I think the answers provided thus far point to a fair selection:
- - konqueror
- - kate
- - kmail

I would also like to include some basic general purpose apps:
- - kpaint
- - kview
- - kghostview or kpdf
- - kontact
- - kmix
- - kscd
- - kcalc
- - kgpg

And maybe:
- - knode
- - kopete or ksirc
- - kpackage
- - kget

Packages selected should preferably be quite small and not depend on (to many) 
other packages not traditionally included on CD1.

Any ideas yet on how to package this and how to inform the d-i or CD teams?

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