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Re: When is the K-Menu going to lose the Debian submenu?

On Sun, 11 Jul 2004, Chris Cheney wrote:
On Sat, Jul 10, 2004 at 09:36:55AM -0500, Bud Rogers wrote:
On Friday 09 July 2004 22:30, Doug Holland wrote:
WHY is there a Debian submenu in the K Menu?

Why are half of the utilities in K->Utilities, and the other half in

Why is there not a unified set of menus?

The submenu is a nuisance.  It doesn't serve any useful purpose that I
can see and it breaks the logical flow of the menus.

The layout of the Debian menu is much different than the fdo menu so
there isn't really a clean mapping between them. Debian for example puts
graphic viewers, pdf/postscript viewers, and movie viewers (iirc) in the
same category, for the fdo menu all three are broken out into separate
categories and are in entirely separate sections. FWIW - Gnome menu
breaks out the Debian submenu exactly the same as KDE. It would be really
nice if Debian menu would switch to fdo menu soon since fdo menu
categories are much more logical than the current Debian set amongst
other improvements that moving to fdo would buy us.

It would be even nicer if Debian's KDE allowed the sysadmin and users
to choose whether they wanted the KDE, Debian, or both styles of menu.

- Bruce

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