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Re: Every KDE App Crashes

Am Donnerstag, 22. Juli 2004 10:52 schrieb Sean Kellogg:
> My Debian/Unstable media box running the most current KDE behaves exactly
> as expected except when I terminate a KDE application such as KEdit,
> Konsole, or KControl.  When I terminate it (either alt+F4, quit from the
> menu, or click on the little X) the app closes fine, but then a KDE Crash
> Handler Dialog comes up.  It informs me that there has been a crash of type
> SIGSEGV for whatever app I happen to be running.  The Backtrace is of
> little help, but I could include it if someone knows what to do with it.  I
> can close the dialog box and there seem to be no ill after-effects, I can
> restart the app without a hitch.
> To add some additional mystery...  non-KDE apps, like Mozilla or Mplayer,
> have no issues.  But, even MORE strange, is that Konqueror doesn't have the
> issue, just the rest of the KDE apps.  I assume that it means Konqueror
> never actually terminates.  Additionally, when logging in through KDM,
> there are multiple crashes as things like KDM and Ksplash come and go.  Oh,
> and it effects all users on the system, so I can't imagine its a setting in
> $HOME/.kde folder.
From experience I'd say that this point towards a damaged or incorrectly 
installed library, probably in kdelibs or libqt. This would also explain why 
non-KDE apps work fine. Concerning konqueror, you are right, konqueror 
normally does not really terminate if you close the window.

To really see whether me assumption about the libraries is right, I'd need to 
see at least two backtraces of different apps crashing in the described way, 
to see, if there are similarities. You can send me the backtraces via private 
mail if you'd like, or send them to the list. You can cull all the 
"content-free" lines from the BT ("no debugging symbols found"), so the BTs 
don't get too long. I'll take a look, but no promises....

> I know its not a package problem, because my laptop and main desktop are
> working fine running the same Unstable KDE packages.
As stated previously I would no exclude a packing problem too easily, but it 
would be more like a corrupt file somewhere instead of a general problem with 
a package.

Patrick Dreker

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