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Re: Konqueror crashes very often

Am Dienstag, 13. Juli 2004 11:28 schrieb Leopold Palomo Avellaneda:
> Hi,
> I'm using kde 3.2.2 from sarge and I have realized that konqueror is very
> unstable. I can use it normally but many time it crashes. Sadly I cannot
> say: ..it crashes when you visit that page and do something .... simple you
> are surfing on the web and crash. Or many times you have severals konqueror
> opened and one of them crash.
> The question is how can I know what is happening? I think that is not
> useful to put a bug about ....my konqueror crash may times!!!!!
Check the contents of the backtrace in DrKonqi. Even if you don't understand 
in detail, what is in there, you should be able to tell, if there is a common 
pattern in the crashes, or not.

If there is a common pattern (same or similar functions in the backtrace) it 
probably is a bug. Then try to find out, where these funtions belong to (what 
libs), and check the packages containing those libs and their dependencies 
(e.g. check for correct/matching versions). Constantly changing backtraces in 
lots of different places might indicate a hardware (memory) problem, but that 
ought to show up in other places, too. memtest86 can tell with relative 
certainty, if the memory is b0rked or not, if you let it run overnight (6 
hours min...)

Patrick Dreker

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