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Problem with KDE-Menus on Debian Woody with KDE 3.2.2

Hello List!

I have installed the Kde 3.2.2 packages for Debian Woody available
for a few days now. 
The install worked fine and KDE seems to work much better than with
the 3.2.1 packages. But there is one annoying problem: In  a few
programs, e.g. in konqueror, the menu bar is a litte bit confused.
This means that some menu entries like Bookmarks appear twice,
others do not appear at all. Additionally in some of the submenues,
like in the Window menu, all actions appear twice also. Last I have
a Bookmarks menu, but it contains no bookmarks, only the actions to
organize bookmarks. When I import some bookmarks then they are
displayed until I restart KDE. After a KDE restart all bookmarks are

This all seems to me like a problem with the XML GUI but I have no
idea how to fix the problem! Do you have any solution?

Best regards,


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