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Re: Kopete fixes forthcoming?

Alejandro Exojo wrote:
El Viernes, 9 de Julio de 2004 19:08, Doug Holland escribió:

After googling around, I found that there indeed exists a fix for Kopete to
make it work with Yahoo! after they changed their protocol.  For that
matter, ICQ also stopped working for me, and there may be a fix for that in
Kopete's CVS repo.

Is a fixed Kopete going into Debian any time soon?  I would really
appreciate it.

If those fixes were committed to the 3.2 branch, yes. If they were committed to HEAD (future 3.3), you will see those changes when 3.3 enters in debian, sorry.

And the fix is not going to be backported either.


so kopete is out, sim is in.

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