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Re: KDE and SSL

Am Donnerstag, 8. Juli 2004 09:54 schrieb jojo2002:
> Don't know if my question is a stupid one but my searches on google didn't
> help me.
> I try to install a CA certificate system-wide aka I don't want to let my
> user install it personnaly and to repeat the operation for each app. I
> think I understood that the Debian and Openssl way for application is to
> put the CA certificate in the directory /etc/ssl/certs (with some
> symlinks). But I also think I understood that KDE does not use this way but
> store its AC certificate in /etc/kde3/ksslcalist.
> My question is : am I right or wrong ? Are there any plans to make KDE
> use /etc/ssl/certs ?

The way you have to organize the files, there, depends on which library you 
use: gnutls (certificate chain in one file) or openssl (hash values as 
Not even the server packages (e.g. apache or courier or exim4) use this 
directory by default (it's not even possible to share the files there because 
of access rights for e.g. your own keys).

> PS : Don't forget to remove pas_de_spam for direct answer

Do you really think that this helps?


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