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Re: kooka and 3pass scanners

On Mon 26 July 2004 06:33, Tobias Kraus wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm using kooka 0.42 (official Debian testing package) and scanning
> over the network (using the sane net dll) works fine - except the
> fact that kooka only saves the red part of the image (I'm using the
> mustek 6000cx _3pass_ scanner - it's not state of the art, but it's
> ok for me). I cannot verify if this is a problem of scanning over the
> network because I don't have a SCSI-Controller on my laptop.
> Single-pass scanners work fine, so does xscanimage.
> Can anyone verify this problem? I searched bugs.kde.org and could not
> find a bug-report.

Yes, I have a Microtek 35t 3-pass film and slide scanner and it too does 
not work with kooka - kooka simply locks up after the first pass (red I 
think). xscanimage works fine however.

I've not found a bug report on it either but now that we know it's not a 
one-user problem one of should probably file a bug on it.
David P James
Ottawa, Ontario
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