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amd64-i386-powerpc netinst daily image seems to be missing kernel modules apt-setup_0.48_i386.changes ACCEPTED into unstable [ [Testing]NetInstall and Businesscard] Bug#348712: Recommended partitions Bug#394176: marked as done (Error in text) Bug#405004: marked as done (installation-guide) Bug#419535: marked as done (E-Mail vs. E-Mails) Bug#430542: Ref: CPCIC/08626572/2010 Bug#431296: marked as done (Default partitioning on LVM-LUKS provides too small /) Bug#433875: marked as done (example preseed, grub info) Bug#451981: marked as done (Link rot in etch s390 installation guide) Bug#493065: debootstrap fakechroot variant fails Bug#502649: installation-reports: installation report i386 Bug#517121: debian-installer: installs linux-image-2.6-486 instead of linux-image-2.6-686 with a VIA C7-D Processor Bug#524342: Problem might be related to raid metadata version Bug#524342: Removing spare didn't help Bug#524342: Same problem here, unable to install Grub Bug#524342: wrong package Bug#528560: debian (lenny) installer via serial console does not support hardware flow control (for serial over lan) Bug#528560: marked as done (debian (lenny) installer via serial console does not support hardware flow control (for serial over lan)) Bug#533091: marked as done (archive.gpg in amd64 netboot.tar.gz for etch) Bug#538089: marked as done (installation-reports: Dell Latitude C600 successful) Bug#543668: grub skips entries with accent in title Bug#543668: marked as done (grub-pc: grub skips entries with accent in title) Bug#548791: installation-reports: failing at 25%: cdset..., 25% . Bug#548791: [RFT] Test of probably final Debian Installer 6.0 Beta1 Bug#550584: Running flash-kernel automatically from postinst Bug#556739: os-prober: Mounts and reads logical volumes that are already mounted in a, virtual machine, which leads to filesystem corruption Bug#566102: same on os-prober 1.39. Patch proposed Bug#571136: please remove useless devices from devices.tar.gz Bug#571204: network management in lxde? Bug#578506: marked as done (installation-reports: USB lenny netinst OK) Bug#579522: tasksel - Removes packages without consent Bug#581756: keyboard-configuration: XKBOPTIONS does not properly propagate to xserver-xorg Bug#583993: marked as done (discover-pkginstall: Recommends ipw3954-source, which no longer exists) Bug#584201: marked as done (debian-installer: KDE expert graphical netinst doesn't create users or set root password) Re: Bug#584254: dpkg should support a --force-unsafe-io option or such Bug#586555: marked as done (Difficulty installing and using Debian) Bug#586959: marked as done (boot fails after install on softRAID because of superblock v1.2) Bug#588742: debian-installer: The netinstall iso image does not recognize the attached PS/2 keyboard. Bug#591436: marked as done (busybox-syslogd: initscript prints many error messages) Bug#593235: flash-kernel-installer: Please add gta02 support Bug#593235: New patch Bug#595100: marked as done (discover-data: Samsung SCX-4200 printer requires splix package) Bug#595152: ZFS support Bug#595759: marked as done (ZFS support (partman-zfs)) Bug#595759: new partman-zfs Bug#595914: marked as done (Broadcom BCM57780 Ethernet controller support) Bug#596440: fails to properly run apt_update Bug#596523: marked as done (please refresh Mirrors.masterlist) Bug#596730: marked as done (tasksel KDE does not install OpenOffice/KDE-integration) Bug#597087: marked as done (debian-installer: Swap space is too big when created by the guided partitioner) Bug#597087: Patch to adjust maximum amount of swap Bug#597087: swap space comparison with other distros Bug#597498: keyboard-configuration: HAL is still mentioned in comments of `/etc/default/keyboard`. Bug#597510: marked as done (/etc/init.d/udhcpd force-reload uses wrong order: start+stop instead of stop+start) Bug#597983: marked as done (package replicator for does not exists any more) Bug#597984: marked as done (remove obsolete information) Bug#598119: marked as done (Squeeze installation fails on Asus Notebook Z7750) Bug#598119: Same behaviour with actual squeeze installer Bug#598130: grub-installer cannot install grub-pc on amd64 ( perhaps other architecture ) Re: Bug#598133: gdm3: Should provide shortcuts and configuration snippets to enable accessibility Bug#598281: marked as done (Needs porting to vte 0.26) Bug#598444: marked as done (installer fails to found /cdrom/ on localized installation) Bug#598457: marked as done (apt-setup: Fail to find install CD at the end of pkgsel (and endless loop)) Bug#598601: marked as done (installation-reports) Bug#598601: Now successfull install PDX-057T-5A Bug#598653: installation-reports: debian squeeze hang at boot time when starting Xwindow: missing firmware for ati radeon card Bug#598729: debootstrap: Does not use correct data.tar in .deb ar extractor Bug#598765: debian-installer: FTBFS on alpha: needs mirror update? Bug#598804: Daily Boot Image Yields Dead Keyboard Bug#598804: Fwd: Knoppix Worked Bug#598895: installation-reports: Successfully installed on Compaq Presario CQ61-100SL Bug#598895: marked as done (installation-reports: Successfully installed on Compaq Presario CQ61-100SL) Bug#598924: Cross-installation of testing-release on PIII - Systems Bug#598924: marked as done (Cross-installation of testing-release on PIII - Systems) Bug#598978: btrfs requires crc32c.ko Bug#598978: marked as done (btrfs requires crc32c.ko) Bug#599041: debian-installer: Menu mismatch Bug#599041: marked as done (debian-installer: Menu mismatch) Bug#599101: busybox: execs applets when chrooting Bug#599101: marked as done (busybox: execs applets when chrooting) Bug#599115: debian-installer: grub's target examples still reflect grub-legacy's behavior Bug#599156: installation-reports: debian-netinst/grub detects others systems but do not insert it in grub.cfg Bug#599157: debian-installer: freeze at APT configuration Bug#599157: marked as done (debian-installer: freeze at APT configuration) Bug#599162: installation-reports: /proc/bus/usb/devices file not found Bug#599200: Bug#599200: base-installer: Install amd64 kernel on i686 kvm guest - and fail to boot Bug#599203: More information Bug#599203: os-prober: Causes Data Corruption on a SAN setup; Mounts SAN volumes that are already mounted on a different host. Bug#599213: debian-installer: broadcom.ko is missing Bug#599213: marked as done (debian-installer: broadcom.ko is missing) Bug#599360: installation-reports: official 5.0.6 netinst.iso: no support for sc92031 network interface module Bug#599417: partman-btrfs: indiscriminately returns an error when there is no separate /boot partition Bug#599763: installation-reports: It works fine! Bug#599763: marked as done (installation-reports: It works fine!) Bug#599772: Acknowledgement (console-setup-udeb: console-setup during preseeded automatic installation ignore preseed values and stop) Bug#599772: console-setup-udeb: console-setup during preseeded automatic installation ignore preseed values and stop Bug#599893: marked as done (Successfull pre beta1 installation on PowerBook G4 15" (PowerBook5,8)) Bug#599893: Successfull pre beta1 installation on PowerBook G4 15" (PowerBook5,8) Bug#599926: debian-installer: Boot from first hard-disk after Debian-installer Bug#600100: zipl's postinst hook fails upon initial kernel installation by d-i Bug#600101: marked as done (tasksel: [INTL:sr] Serbian tasks templates translation) Bug#600101: tasksel: [INTL:sr] Serbian tasks templates translation Bug#600103: marked as done (tasksel: [INTL:sr@latin] Serbian Latin tasks templates translation) Bug#600103: tasksel: [INTL:sr@latin] Serbian Latin tasks templates translation Bug#600104: marked as done (tasksel: [INTL:sr] Serbian debconf templates translation) Bug#600104: tasksel: [INTL:sr] Serbian debconf templates translation Bug#600105: marked as done (tasksel: [INTL:sr@latin] Serbian Latin debconf templates translation) Bug#600105: tasksel: [INTL:sr@latin] Serbian Latin debconf templates translation Bug#600106: marked as done (tasksel: [INTL:sr] Serbian program templates translation) Bug#600106: tasksel: [INTL:sr] Serbian program templates translation Bug#600107: marked as done (tasksel: [INTL:sr@latin] Serbian Latin program templates translation) Bug#600107: tasksel: [INTL:sr@latin] Serbian Latin program templates translation Bug#600186: debian-installer: initrd does not include lib80211_crypt_wep Bug#600229: debian-installer: improve support for English-speaking people in Finland Bug#600280: keyboard-configuration: Setting a compose key with the debconf question does not set a compose key Bug#600320: Installation: set password for root; did not create a user; could not login after 1st reboot. Bug#600320: Migration from Ubuntu to Debian Bug#600329: Manual submission: reportbug installation-reports Bug#600425: cdebconf: text frontend for selection isn't documented enough Bug#600428: trouble going back and forth in installation steps Bug#600484: Installation report Squeeze Beta1 (RFT) : Grub2 Problems Bug#600490: debian-installer: If you choose JP106 key layout, you'll be asked keyboard layout again Bug#600524: installation-reports: After install grub doesn't boot Bug#600556: installation-reports: Installation succesful for "Squeeze" on PC, but Kubuntu 10.10 didn't appear in Grub menu Bug#600621: Additional information concerning the tv-card / scanning Bug#600621: installation-report: Debian 6.0-beta reinstalled without TV-card Bug#600639: marked as done (tasksel: [l10n:ca] Updated Catalan tasks translation) Bug#600639: tasksel: [l10n:ca] Updated Catalan tasks translation Bug#600640: marked as done (win32-loader: [l10n] Updated Catalan translation) Bug#600640: win32-loader: [l10n] Updated Catalan translation Bug#600647: debootstrap: Please update example pathes in manpage Bug#600671: installation-reports: (daily-image 20101017) GRUB-2 failed to install on Intel X-25M 80GB Bug#600762: debian-installer: testing d-i missing e100 firmware Bug#600762: images including non-free firmware are available Bug#600762: marked as done (debian-installer: testing d-i missing e100 firmware) Bug#600789: debian-installer: Xen block device driver cannot be loaded Bug#600852: Fail to read empty but gzipped Packages files Bug#600861: [console-setup-mini] Package console-setup-mini needs to be xserver installed? Bug#600861: marked as done ([console-setup-mini] Package console-setup-mini needs to be xserver installed?) Bug#601011: debootstrap: Fails without an error when it can't create devices Bug#601069: marked as done (Squeeze Installation Report) Bug#601069: Squeeze Installation Report Bug#601174: installation-reports: Mostly success with XFCE netinst 2010-10-19-5 Bug#601222: busybox: pushing patches upstream Bug#601249: usb3 support Bug#601273: installation-report: kfreebsd-i386 install: non-fatal ad0 cache flush issue. Bug#601308: installation-guide: Mandrake --> Mandriva Bug#601318: flash-kernel: Binary package contains Subversion files Bug#601318: marked as done (flash-kernel: Binary package contains Subversion files) Bug#601340: Debian Installation asks for rtl8168d-2.fw (but I can't find it and some apps need it to run). Bug#601363: ERROR: Unable to automatically remove LVM data Bug#601381: installation-reports: lenovo x201 laptop with d-i 20101025-09:05 Bug#601382: installation-reports: Squeeze Install on Dell R210: successful after workaround Bug#601391: [INTL:da] Danish translation of tasksel Bug#601439: warn when /boot will be inaccessible to boot loader Bug#601440: installer components menu not available with default debconf priority Bug#601475: debian-installer: Graphical installer silently fails network dev config Bug#601492: debian installer failure with kernel bug Bug#601495: installation-report: The installer not work with SATA disks and PATA CDROM Bug#601557: Acknowledgement (installation-reports: Unable to install desktop-environment) Bug#601557: installation-reports: Unable to install desktop-environment Bug#601670: debootstrap script install base-files and base-passwd depends on them in Packages file's sequence Bug#601695: partman-partitioning: fat partition resizing fails Bug#601721: installation-reports: Build w/ /boot partition succeeds, but re-boot fails in fsck 445148 Re: Bug#601721: installation-reports: Build w/ /boot partition succeeds, but re-boot fails in fsck 445148 Bug#601782: installation report - beta1 installer fails with kernel error - drivers/md/md.c:6192, invalid opcode Bug#601795: error installing squeeze from network on a sparc Ultra60 Bug#601821: debootstrap: please change sid and gutsy scripts to use tabs Bug#601822: debootstrap: patch to fix typo in comment Bug#601898: installation-report: System ignored already installed crypto partitions Bug#601898: marked as done (installation-report: System ignored already installed crypto partitions) Bug#601908: debian-installer: please include vcs-view field in control Bug#602003: installation-reports: partition created hangs on boot Building a custom kernel for ARM in order to move to ARMEL busybox_1.17.1-5_amd64.changes ACCEPTED into unstable busybox_1.17.1-6_amd64.changes ACCEPTED into unstable busybox in SVN.... busybox override disparity busybox: pushing patches upstream (was: debian (lenny) installer via serial console does not support hardware flow control (for serial over lan)) cdebconf-terminal_0.9_i386.changes ACCEPTED into unstable Completed Spanish conversion to gettext console-setup_1.57_amd64.changes ACCEPTED into unstable console-setup_1.58_amd64.changes ACCEPTED into unstable Re: Copy of installer into squeeze debian-installer_20101020_amd64.changes ACCEPTED into unstable Debian Installer Errata debian-installer-netboot-images_20101020_amd64.changes ACCEPTED into unstable debian-installer-utils_1.80_amd64.changes ACCEPTED into unstable Re: Debugging yaboot issues (was: Re: Call for testers: new yaboot package release - experimental in Debugging yaboot issues (was: Re: Call for testers: new yaboot package release - experimental installer) Delivery Status Notification (Failure) d-i manual: Spanish conversion to gettext D-I Manual: updating PO(T) files discover-data_2.2010.10.14_i386.changes ACCEPTED into unstable discover-data_2.2010.10.14_i386.changes is NEW discover-data_2.2010.10.18_i386.changes ACCEPTED into unstable discover-data_2.2010.10.18_i386.changes is NEW Re: dpkg should support a --force-unsafe-io option or such finish-install_2.26_amd64.changes ACCEPTED into unstable flash-kernel_2.33_armel.changes ACCEPTED into unstable flash-kernel_2.34_armel.changes ACCEPTED into unstable Grub2 fails to boot from menu entry how to get squeeze's installer source code Incomplete upload found in Debian upload queue kernel 2.6.32-5-amd64 works incorrectly with blktap in Xen kernel-wedge_2.68_amd64.changes ACCEPTED into unstable kernel-wedge_2.69_amd64.changes ACCEPTED into unstable kFreeBSD and memory Re: kFreeBSD version of the Debian Installation Guide Last call for testing, announcement on Saturday Re: Last call for testing, announcement on Saturday - translations incomplete??? linux-kernel-di-amd64-2.6_1.69_amd64.changes ACCEPTED into unstable linux-kernel-di-amd64-2.6_1.70_amd64.changes ACCEPTED into unstable linux-kernel-di-amd64-2.6_1.71_amd64.changes ACCEPTED into unstable linux-kernel-di-armel-2.6_1.48_multi.changes ACCEPTED into unstable linux-kernel-di-armel-2.6_1.49_multi.changes ACCEPTED into unstable linux-kernel-di-armel-2.6_1.50_multi.changes ACCEPTED into unstable linux-kernel-di-hppa-2.6_1.52_multi.changes ACCEPTED into unstable linux-kernel-di-hppa-2.6_1.53_multi.changes ACCEPTED into unstable linux-kernel-di-hppa-2.6_1.54_multi.changes ACCEPTED into unstable linux-kernel-di-i386-2.6_1.92_multi.changes ACCEPTED into unstable linux-kernel-di-i386-2.6_1.93_multi.changes ACCEPTED into unstable linux-kernel-di-i386-2.6_1.94_multi.changes ACCEPTED into unstable linux-kernel-di-ia64-2.6_1.56_multi.changes ACCEPTED into unstable linux-kernel-di-ia64-2.6_1.57_multi.changes ACCEPTED into unstable linux-kernel-di-ia64-2.6_1.58_multi.changes ACCEPTED into unstable linux-kernel-di-mips-2.6_1.24_multi.changes ACCEPTED into unstable linux-kernel-di-mips-2.6_1.25_multi.changes ACCEPTED into unstable linux-kernel-di-mips-2.6_1.26_multi.changes ACCEPTED into unstable linux-kernel-di-mipsel-2.6_1.24_multi.changes ACCEPTED into unstable linux-kernel-di-mipsel-2.6_1.25_multi.changes ACCEPTED into unstable linux-kernel-di-mipsel-2.6_1.26_multi.changes ACCEPTED into unstable linux-kernel-di-powerpc-2.6_1.67_multi.changes ACCEPTED into unstable linux-kernel-di-powerpc-2.6_1.68_multi.changes ACCEPTED into unstable linux-kernel-di-powerpc-2.6_1.69_multi.changes ACCEPTED into unstable linux-kernel-di-s390-2.6_0.52_multi.changes ACCEPTED into unstable linux-kernel-di-s390-2.6_0.53_multi.changes ACCEPTED into unstable linux-kernel-di-s390-2.6_0.54_multi.changes ACCEPTED into unstable linux-kernel-di-sparc-2.6_1.56_multi.changes ACCEPTED into unstable linux-kernel-di-sparc-2.6_1.57_multi.changes ACCEPTED into unstable linux-kernel-di-sparc-2.6_1.58_multi.changes ACCEPTED into unstable l need help localechooser_2.29_i386.changes ACCEPTED into unstable Localization status for Debian Installer (October 24th update) Localization status for Debian Installer (October 25th update) Localization status for Debian Installer (October 26th update) Localization status for Debian Installer (October 27th update) Localization status for Debian Installer (October 28th update) Localization status for Debian Installer (October 29th update) Localization status for Debian Installer (October 30th update) Localization status for Debian Installer (October 31th update) loosing ~150 translated messages per language on the manual "new" udebs next d-i meeting - 2010.10.20, 21h00 GMT The last update was on 20:42 GMT Wed May 01. 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