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Bug#599417: partman-btrfs: indiscriminately returns an error when there is no separate /boot partition

Package: partman-btrfs
Severity: important
Tags: d-i

On machines where the kernel and initrd are stored in a flash partition
(such as various Qnap TS-* devices, the Sheevaplug, etc.), there is no
need for a separate boot partition, even if the root partition is
formatted with btrfs. However, check.d/no_btrfs_boot always returns an
error in this case, regardless of the type of machine.

I don't know how easy it would be to detect whether the target system
has everything it needs in flash memory or not, but an alternative
solution could be to decrease the severity of the event from an error to
a warning, explaining in debian/partman-btrfs.templates in which case
it's okay to proceed and in which case it's not.

I was using the sid debian-installer on a Qnap TS-419P. Looking at
partman-btrfs' changelog, the issue seems to be present in all versions.

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