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Re: discover-data_2.2010.10.14_i386.changes is NEW

Hi Petter,

I guess this upload was targeted at squeeze, right? 

On Samstag, 16. Oktober 2010, Skolelinux archive Installer wrote:
>   * Update HW mappings for PCI devices:
>      8086:3582: install i810switch.
>      80ee:beef: Install virtualbox-ose-guest-x11.
>      Made ipw3945-source and ipw3945d package entries versioned to
>      Etch and earlier (Closes: #583993).
>   * Update HW mappings for USB devices:
>      04e8:323a: Install splix.
>      04e8:323b: Install splix.
>      04e8:323d: Install splix.
>      04e8:3242: Install splix.
>      04e8:324c: Install splix.
>      04e8:324d: Install splix.
>      04e8:325b: Install splix.
>      04e8:325f: Install splix.
>      04e8:3260: Install splix.
>      04e8:3268: Install splix.
>      04e8:3276: Install splix.
>      04e8:341b: Install splix.
>      04e8:3426: Install splix (Closes: #595100).

these changes seem fine to squeeze for me.

>   * Add depends on ${misc:Depends} to keep debhelper and lintian happy.

that one probably too

>   * Raise debhelper compatibility level from 4 to 7.

that one not.

>   * Suggest python dependencies needed to update the data files.  These
>     are only useful for the tools, and not needed for users of the data.

not sure about this one.

>   * Update standards-version from 3.8.4 3.9.1.  No change needed.

would you mind reuploading the package, at least with reverting the debhelper 
compatibility change? probably also the python depends change...


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