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Bug#600320: Installation: set password for root; did not create a user; could not login after 1st reboot.

Quoting John Hunter (jmdh01@btinternet.com):
> Package: installation-reports
> Version: 2.42
> Severity: serious
> Tags: d-i
> Justification: Unknown

Hello, thanks for your report...

> I was installing "squeeze" over an old version of Ubuntu which had users
> already set up in /home. I set up the root password but declined to create any
> [more] users. The install apparently finished OK and then I rebooted. Upon
> reboot, the system would not let me log in as root so that I could not manually
> set up /etc/password, /etc/shadow, /etc/group and /etc/sudoers. I then had to
> resort to using the CD in recovery mode to set up the users.
> If the setup script has not created a user then root should be allowed to log
> in; otherwise one's laptop is as useful as a bag of slates.
> I would call myself "experienced"; I am a retired comp-sci academic with *nix
> experience going back to System VII. I have seen install glitches in my time,
> but none as stupid as this.

In all these years of experience, have you ever learned about sending
possible useful information? ;-)

For instance, with such a problem, sending the system's /etc/shadow
and /etc/passwd would have been useful. The same stands for relevant
log files, such as /var/log/auth.log.

Additionnally, having log files from /var/log/installer could help
(but, admittedly, this you couldn't guess).

As is, our only chance to examine your bug is by trying to reproduce

> In passing, I should mention that on the 6th October, I tried to install
> squeeze using the network install image (191MB). That got as far as installing
> a bootstrap system then did not seem to have a script or any instructions to
> load anything more: thus resulting in another bag of slates. Was that ever
> tested?

Daily builds are daily builds: they're built every day. Do you imagine
that, in Debian factories, there is a full row of monkeys whose job is
testing each and every bit produced in the project?

So, no, daily builds are not testing systematically...and sometimes
they fail. This is how development works, I'm afraid: the best testers
are our users...

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