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Re: d-i manual: Spanish conversion to gettext

Quoting Omar Campagne (ocampagne@gmail.com):

> My questions are:
> 1. May I enrichen the info in doc/translation_po.txt? Might be useful if
> more langteams follow this path. I'll basically use the email, plus
> caveats I found out during conversion.

Please do.

> 2. Should I tell this list after I "svn del es && svn add po/es", or
> does the automatic build system take care automatically of the change
> and no more action is needed?

Yes, please notify the list. It's not really clear yet about who's
maintaining the maint-guide after Frans Pop death, but having
information flowing in -boot is the best thing to do as of now.

> Moving to other issue, some builds fail for every lang lately, I guess
> it has do to with changes in the docs and that you know it.
> Just felt I should mention.

For the above reason, it's better to post the build failure messages
so that someone has a chance to look at them.

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