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Bug#601340: Debian Installation asks for rtl8168d-2.fw (but I can't find it and some apps need it to run).

retitle 601340 default n-m config prevents evolution from working


On Mon, Oct 25, 2010 at 08:44:18AM -0200, Felipe FV wrote:
> Package: rtl8168d-2.fw
> Severity: important

Thanks for your report.

> When I was installing Debian Squeeze on this PC, I was asked about some non-
> free firmware for my NIC (rtl8168d-2.fw). I didn't have it. But anyway, I was
> able to install the system (downloading files from the mirror), surf the
> internet after the installation (Iceweasel, Epiphany) and even download
> updates.

Then this has nothing to do with the NIC firmware. Indeed, as you said and as
mentionned in #601340, the firmware is actually not needed.

Not sure how/if d-i can stop asking for the firmware.

> The problem is that the network icon always showed the information
> "connection not present" (something like that). The "real" problems started
> when I was trying to use Evolution and configure my e-mail. I realized that
> it could not connect because it said "no connection". I think it's the lack
> of firmware that is affecting these other programs.

This is #549451 (evolution cannot work when network-manager is in offline mode) combined
with default network-manager as of today #530024.

As a workaround, edit /etc/network/interfaces and comment references to eth0.

Simon Paillard

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