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Bug#600490: debian-installer: If you choose JP106 key layout, you'll be asked keyboard layout again

reassign 600490 xkb-data


Hideki Yamane, le Mon 18 Oct 2010 00:39:56 +0900, a écrit :
>  1. select keymap: Japan (106 key)
>  2. after disk partitioning dialog, then asked keyboard model again.
>  However, there is no "jp106" model that previously selected in that list 
> (it comes from keyboard-configuration pacakge?).

Yes, it seems Sergey V. Udaltsov <svu@gnome.org> dropped the abnt2,
jp106 and kr106 models last year, he didn't say why.  Sergey, could you
detail a bit why you dropped the models?  It seems people still expect
to be able to select jp106.


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