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Bug#600789: debian-installer: Xen block device driver cannot be loaded

Hi Emmanuel,

On Wed, 2010-10-20 at 08:18 +0200, Emmanuel Benoît wrote: 
> Package: debian-installer
> Severity: important
> I have tried to install both Sid and Squeeze from the provided Xen netboot images.
> However, the installation cannot be completed since the installer does not detect the "disks".
> I have tried loading the xen-blkfront manually. If I do, the following error appears in the kernel's messages:
> [   80.560746] xen_blkfront: Unknown symbol xen_platform_pci_unplug
> Note that the problem occurred on both the amd64 and the i386 version of the netboot images.

Thanks for reporting this.

I believe this was an issue with the Linux kernel itself and has been
fixed as of the 2.6.32-26 upload to sid yesterday.

Please could you post the full kernel log so I can confirm.

I guess the installer udebs will be rebuilt at some point against the
newer kernel.

Ian Campbell

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