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Bug#599162: installation-reports: /proc/bus/usb/devices file not found

reassign 599162 usbview

> Comments/Problems: 
> I install and run usbview:
> 	apt-get install usbview
> 	usbview
> The usbview program claims that the file /proc/bus/usb/devices is not present.
> Afer a look at that error over internet I add the following line in /etc/fstab :
> 	usbfs	/proc/bus/usb  usbfs  defaults  0  0
> and I enter
> 	mount -a
> After that, all was ok.
> Suggestion: Is it possible for the debian installer to automatically add this line in /etc/fstab ?

I think it probably more belongs to usbview.

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