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Bug#599926: debian-installer: Boot from first hard-disk after Debian-installer

 On 10/13/10 7:27 PM, Lennart Sorensen wrote:
> Not sure how you can really manage a VM without access to its console
> and settings.
I meant "KVM (switch)" not "Kernel-based Virtual Machine".

> You can often blank it enough before starting an install if necesary.
Sure, but often you don't do so...
> Sure.  Well maybe someone will add it.  As a user I personally have
> never missed it of course, but I can see how in a few cases it might
> have been nice.  Of course you have to get the CD out somehow at some
> point or it will boot to CD again next time you reboot.  Not a long term
> solution for a user either way.
As I said, a very nice to have feature - and no long time solution for a
CD in lid.

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