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Bug#599115: debian-installer: grub's target examples still reflect grub-legacy's behavior

Quoting Alon Horn (salonh@t2.technion.ac.il):
> Package: debian-installer
> Severity: normal
> hi,
> using the mini.iso to install sid, choosing expert install (KDE), when getting to the install grub part, after refusing MBR, the examples for (hdx,y) reflect grub legacy behavior.
> following example line saying that (hd0,4) is the first virtual partition on first HD, I installed to (hd0,5) resulting in istallation to the first instead of second (intended) virtual partition.

- Were you using a localized install?
- What mini.iso are you talking about? Daily build from
- What *exact* "example" message did you see (nothing in the current
grub-installer is mentioning "(hd0,4)")?

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