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Bug#600621: Additional information concerning the tv-card / scanning

Because you left the bug-report open I send you a link about my
canon MP270 scanner/printer, i.e. where I found out that actually the
TV- card interferes with it.: 
Before I found that, I tried to contact the german canon-support, but
first they denied that the device is compatible with linux and that a
driver for it exists. When I had sent them the link, where the driver
was downloaded from, a european canon-site, they answered, that they
could not offer me any solution and that I should contact my operating
system vendor.
Scanning from microsoft_windows_2000 with the original canon
software that came with the device under virtualbox was the only
workaround I could find.
Now that the TV card is removed there are no more problems using
scangearmp. I did not try the sane method yet, because that is
probably not better than using the vendor drivers. 

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