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Building a custom kernel for ARM in order to move to ARMEL


I'm trying to build a custom kernel in order to do a move of an arm installation to an armel installation. I've actually built the kernel after spending a bit of time learning about section mismatches and bad_ulimits when build messages encouraged me to do so. However when I tried to flash via the flash-kernel command, the command balked since I'd created my kernel with an extraversion such that my standard kernels would not get clobbered. Obviously I can go into the flash-kernel script and force it to accept my kernel. However, that seems a bit kludgy. Is there a standard way to build these things so that they can be installed with the tools at hand and still be kept separate from the standard installed kernels? (If it matters, I forgot to build with the --initrd option and so had to make an initrd via update-initramfs...one rebulds on a slug only when forced....)


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