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Bug#600229: debian-installer: improve support for English-speaking people in Finland

Package: debian-installer
Severity: wishlist

While testing


I noticed that if I enter English as the language and then
other/Europe/Finland as the location I get

    "There is no locale defined for the combination of langauge and
     country you have selected."

which is puzzling. I'd like to use the Finnish keyboard layout
(LC_CTYPE=fi_FI) but have everything else set to English
(LC_ALL=C). What should I choose?

My first thought is to pick "United States" and then manually fix the
situation after installation. However, this is not very user friendly
since I then need to complete the installation using a non-Finnish

Are there any better suggestions? In any case, I think this the fix or
known limitation should be mentioned during the installation.

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