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Bug#598119: Same behaviour with actual squeeze installer

Miguel Figueiredo schrieb:
> HI Bernhard,
> A Domingo 24 Outubro 2010 18:42:56 Bernhard você escreveu:
>> Only for information:
>> The same behaviour with actual squeeze installer.
> The error you are getting is a failure to download the "Release" file from the 
> mirror you are using.
> Are you able to check if the network is working? Any suspicious message on the 
> 2nd terminal window?
> Please send gzipped syslog from installation.

Hello Miguel

The network is OK.
I have tried to install lenny --> it works.
For the lenny installation, i use the same mirror (ftp.de.debian.org).

In the attachement, there is the syslog.
The last messages was written because of plug-in my Sandisk USB stick.

If you need more informations, please let me know.

Thank you for the great work.

Kind Regards

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